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Under an Arctic sky

By Chris Burkard

This is a clip from the documentary Under an Arctic sky by Chris Burkard. You can see our accommodation, our Log Cabins at Brimnes Hotel & Cabins, Ólafsffjörður.  The Surf and the northern lights are all filmed here in Ólafsfjörður. 

This documentary is available on Netflix. 

Northern Lights In North Iceland

Paradise for Photographers

If you are thinking about coming to Iceland to photograph the northern lights, the north east part of Iceland is perfect for it. Here you get less light pollution and in just minutes you could just walk to the perfect location to take some amazing shots. At Brimnes Hotel & Cabins in Ólafsfjörður the northern lights are just outside your door. Our location is in a fjord and our accommodation is located next to a big lake and mountains all around you. 


Amazing Iceland

A beautiful video of Iceland, shot in 4k.

Photographer Edgar Granados.

Whale Watching Hauganes

We come from many generations of fishermen, born and raised here in Hauganes and have ourselves sailed the beautiful seas of Eyjafjörður fjord and around Iceland since in our teens.

Fairytale at Sea

Jet Ski Tours for nature and adventure lovers. Sightseeing off cliffs birds and whale.

Amazing Mountains

Amazing Mountains provide personalized snowmobile tours with professional and friendly guides which provide an exhilarating snowmobile adventure never to be forgotten!
The snowmobile trails offers spectacular scenery, Winding through valleys leading to the top of surrounding mountains of Olafsfjordur.  Offering you unique panoramic views of the Troll Peninsula´s mountain ranges as well as the Arctic Circle passing through the endless blue of the North Atlantic Ocean.


New year's eve in Ólafsfjörður

December 31

The town of Ólafsfjörður on new year's eve. Amazing scenery to stay in a cabin this time a year. With all the stunning Christmas lights and spectacular fireworks.

No Country for cold men

Surfing in Ólafsfjörður

Did you know that Ólafsfjörður is the best kept secret for surfers.

They come from all around the world just to surf in Ólafsfjörður. Check out when they head north

to Ólafsfjörður to surf and stay at brimnes cabins. If you need  information about good surfing spots come and visit us.

Skiing in Ólafsfjörður

Alpine Welten

This group stayed with us last winter. If you are looking for adventure "Here it is"  Paradise for skiers with amazing views.

Surf paddeling

in ólafsfjörður

Surfing with paddles.  This video is taken in Iceland and part of it is here in Ólafsfjörður. Check it out.

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